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CSR - Plastindia Plasticulture

Plastindia Plasticulture Vision

To create a platform across India, To conserve water, increase productivity, through use of Micro Irrigation Systems by deploying PLASTICULTURE innovations creating an impact on the yield of agricultural produce of India; enhancing the shelf life of yield; and become an integral part of the second green revolution in India leading to sustained promotion of plastics in the field of agriculture.

Plasticulture logo was created for Plasticulture Committee and the first activity of Exhibition & Demonstration was rolled out as Kisaan Raja in Jalna district of Maharashtra.

National average for cotton crop is about 2.5 quintals per acre. The world average is 7.5 quintals per hectare. With PlastindiaPlasticulture, Kisaan Raja initiative with support of NABARD we could run a pilot exercise for promoting Drip Irrigation in Jalna district of Maharashtra. The crop selected by the farmers was cotton and the average yield of 16 quintals per acre was achieved.

Subsequently with support of NABARD by way of grant and loan the NGO, SavitribaiPhuleMahilaEkatmaSamajMandal, the project entailed distribution of loans to 600 farmers in the project area under the scheme “UMBRELLA PROJECT IN NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (UPNRM)”of NABARD. This was done during the year 2012 - 2013 and the crop yields achieved so far 13 quintals and extended harvest is yet to happen.

Domain Expertise

  • Polymers & Additives

    Long term durability with easy processability. Recommendation and remedial actions by incorporating Miracle Workers in Plastics.

  • Processing

    Quality and Productivity

  • Aesthetics

    Value addition, value for money and customer satisfaction

Published Papers

  • "Plastic pipes and drainage of irrigated lands"

    Popular Plastics & Packaging – Aug 2015, P.18

  • "India`s wood Imports-Opportunities & challenges for plastics industry"

    Popular Plastics & Packaging - July 2015, P.20