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Technology Platforms

Market-end Successes: In-House R&D work translated into business for customers.


  • Speciality Compounds for automobile bumpers, dashboards and trim components
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers, TPOs & TPEs
  • Polyolefin Resins - specification for required end use
  • PVC Resins - specification for required end use
  • Wood filled Polpropylene for automotive & furniture sector
  • Thermoformable Polypropylene for automotive & refrigerator liners and other appliances
  • Flame retardant polypropylene for telecom & other applications
  • High Gloss Polypropylene compounds for appliances
  • Mineral filled Polypropylene for appliances
  • Short fiber glass reinforced Polypropylene with chemical coupling
  • Long fiber glass reinforced Polypropylene with chemical coupling
  • Random copolymers of Polypropylene and clear PP applications in Injection and blow moulding
  • High melt strength PP
  • Mineral Glass reinforced Nylons & engineering plastics
  • Blends & Alloys
  • Speciality additive masterbatches
  • Polyolefin based nanocomporites
  • Peroxide masterbatches
  • Cross-linked, cross linkable polyethylene compounds
  • Degradable polyethylenes
  • Water soluble films for packaging
  • Active packaging films based on polyethylene for packaging of fresh agricultural & horticultural produce
  • Antifibrillatingmasterbatches for Rafia
  • Mineral filled masterbatches for polyolefins
  • Phenolic resins &moulding materials
  • Unsaturatepolyster resins


  • Injection Moulding
  • Blow Moulding - EBM & ISBM
  • Compression Moulding
  • Thermoforming
  • Pultrusion
  • Resin transfer moulding
  • Rotomoulding
  • Extrusion coating
  • Blown, Cast & BOPP films extrusion
  • PVC, PE & PP pipe extrusion

Products developed for the Indian plastics industry and end use sectors.

  • Flame Retardant PP for Telecom Battery.
  • Wood filled PP for Automotive and Furniture sectors.
  • Thermo formable filled PP compounds for Refrigerator door liners.
  • PP compounds for automotive bumper and dashboard components.
  • High strength short glass fiber reinforced PP for Washing machine applications.
  • Long glass reinforced thermoplastics based on PP
  • Specialty additive master batches based on LLDPE & PP.
  • Active packaging films based on LLDPE for packaging of fresh agricultural and horticultural produce.
  • Cross-linked, cross-linkable LLDPE. Foam LLDPE compounds for sheathing and jacketing applications
  • Degradable additive PE master batches and blown films from LLDPE
  • Peroxide MasterbatchTechnology
  • Polyolefin based nanocomposites
  • Long Glass Fibre PP composites technology
  • Thermoplastic elastomers &vulcanizates based on PP
  • High Gloss PP compounds for ABS replacement
  • PP compound with controlled Shrinkage to match HIPS
  • Mineral filled PP compound for Washing machine tub.
  • Specifications for color masterbatches for telecom ducting based on HDPE
  • PPR compound & design of specifications of masterbatches for pipe for plumbing applications
  • High Melt Strength PP

Domain Expertise

  • Polymers & Additives

    Long term durability with easy processability. Recommendation and remedial actions by incorporating Miracle Workers in Plastics.

  • Processing

    Quality and Productivity

  • Aesthetics

    Value addition, value for money and customer satisfaction

Published Papers

  • "Plastic pipes and drainage of irrigated lands"

    Popular Plastics & Packaging – Aug 2015, P.18

  • "India`s wood Imports-Opportunities & challenges for plastics industry"

    Popular Plastics & Packaging - July 2015, P.20