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Expandable Foam from Polystyrene & Polypropylene (EPS) 2013 Download
Flexible Plastic Packaging Part One – Market Scenario Download
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Flexible Plastic Packaging Part Three - Blown Film Extrusion- Best Practices Download
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Domain Expertise

  • Polymers & Additives

    Long term durability with easy processability. Recommendation and remedial actions by incorporating Miracle Workers in Plastics.

  • Processing

    Quality and Productivity

  • Aesthetics

    Value addition, value for money and customer satisfaction

Published Papers

  • "Plastic pipes and drainage of irrigated lands"

    Popular Plastics & Packaging – Aug 2015, P.18

  • "India`s wood Imports-Opportunities & challenges for plastics industry"

    Popular Plastics & Packaging - July 2015, P.20